Every member in GroHawk has a role and each one has a different level of permissions. Here's a breakdown of each of the user types.

Basic User

This role has permission to:

  • send surveys for the Location they are added to
  • view feedback that is received for that Location 
  • edit status of responses
  • comment on internal notes log for responses within that Location
  • view reporting for that location 
  • choose, edit and re-order questions for that Location

Location Manager

This role has all the permissions of a Basic User plus permission to:

  • edit Location Settings (Location Name, contact details, industry). 
  • add/remove Basic Users

Brand Manager

This role has all the permissions of a Location Manager for each of the Locations under their Brand plus permission to:

  • edit Brand Settings (Logo, Website, Name etc) as well as control the Locations that fall under a brand.
  • add/remove Location Managers
  • add/remove Brand Managers
  • add Locations under the Brand
  • view consolidated reporting for all Locations under the Brand