Great question! GroHawk is the voice of your customers. It is a digital platform which provides your teams with the feedback needed to build engagement and loyalty within your business. We make feedback easy and turn your loyal patients into your best sales channel. After all, as most businesses will testify ‘word of mouth’ marketing creates the best long term marketing strategy.

How does it do that?

Simple. All you have to do after they have had an ‘experience’ with you is drag and drop a list of all your recent customers and GroHawk then takes it from here.


Automated Surveys


We will automatically survey (via email or SMS) each of your customers and ask them to complete a survey about their experience with you.

Customers then rate their experience by providing you with an answer to the Net Promoter Score (NPS) Question and leaving personalised comments. GroHawk then segments these responses into different buckets. Here’s how...         

1-6 Negative Response

If a customer has scored you a 1-6 this usually means there has been a service failure.

GroHawk will send you a notification alerting you to where you fell short of meeting their expectations.                       

You will have an opportunity to see their comments and click through to their contact details so you can reach out and solve the problem!


7-8 Neutral Response    

If a customer has scored you a 7-8, then they are satisfied, but not screaming and dancing about you! It’s important you keep an eye out for their comments. You may spot a trend.


9-10 Positive Responses


Now! These chaps, you’ve managed to impress – nice work! But... we don’t want to stop there. Let’s turn these loyal customers into your best sales channel.



Share the Experience


Social Sharing

You got a good score! Great! Now we want to amplify that customers sentiment.                       

So next up, after they have scored you a 9 or 10, GroHawk will ask them to share their positive experience on their social networks! WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter... we have built in the lot! All at the press of a button.

Online Reviews

But wait, that’s not all... GroHawk will then ask your customers if its ok to publish their comments onto review sites such as Yelp!, Google and Facebook! All this happens automatically whilst you carry on working within your business!

Testimonial Widget

Oh and there is one more thing!                       

GroHawk then automatically integrates the positive comments you receive directly into your website – so now you will have real, live testimonials from real customers of yours! This boosts your online profile and ranking with search engines. Neat right?