Such as every metric that is used to develop user reported data, your Net Promoter Score gets more accurate as the size of your respondents grows. This means that your response rate is crucial in determining the success of your current customer experience strategy.


Nowadays, the average email NPS survey response rates stand at around 10%, but there are tried and tested ways we can push this higher. With a well-executed survey, there’s no reason why you can’t be blowing past this average to build an immense audience for your NPS surveys.


Here are our top tips to increasing your NPS survey response rate.


1. Be Relevant

Before even starting to send out your survey you have to consider what impact it will have on your customer. Is it relevant to them? Are you sending out generic surveys to every customer? At what point in their journey are they receiving your survey? Are they expecting it?

Chances are, if it’s not relevant, they won’t bother with it. Try and tailor your surveys to the customer in question wherever possible.

2. Update your client contact details

A guaranteed success in failure to get responses is not having accurate information. Sending out emails to incorrect email addresses or phone numbers is a sure-fire way of not getting a response!

HOT TIP: When your clients come in, ask them to check that you have their details correct! This takes two seconds and is un-intrusive.

Always keep your records updated.

3. Timing is key

The best time to send out a survey can vary depending on the respondent however timing is key to hitting those high response rates. Try and think about your customers and when they will be most likely to respond.

For e-commerce and retail, a week after the transaction period is said to be the most effective time as they’ve had time to try out their product. For B2B customers, the recommended period is two times per year.

In general, studies show that Thursdays and Friday can boost response rates by 3% for B2C businesses.

4. Be mobile friendly

We got you on this one, but making your survey mobile friendly is a must. People are doing everything on-the-go these days and a mobile friendly survey allows your target audience to provide their insights wherever they are. On average, over 50% of B2C survey targets are reading surveys via their mobile, make it happen!

5. Keep it short but sweet

The best surveys are the ones that keep it simple. This isn’t always easy when you’re trying to get the information you need but if you want high response rates, you’ve got to make it as easy as possible for the respondent.

Data suggests that if a respondent begins answering a survey, there is a sharp increase in drop-off that occurs with each additional question. Don’t worry, GroHawk saves their response rates as we go along.

Remember, short but sweet!

6. Set your expectations

It’s important to realise that you’re asking the customer to go out their way in order to help you so there’s got to be something in it for them! Your job is to outline what it is you're asking the customer to do, why you want them to do this and how it will benefit them. This gives them a purpose and will instantly make them more likely to respond to your survey.

HOT TIP: Ask your team members to make it clear to customers that you will be sending out a survey.


     GroHawk’s key tricks to higher response rates: 

  • Say thank you!
  • Get personal (use a personal email address) 
  • Offer an incentive
  • Change things up and see what works best 
  • Automate your surveys